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  • Lawn in Rednal
  • Birmingham lawn

Bring your garden alive with Nearlygrass

  • Project: New artificial Lawn
  • Surface: Nearlygrass 24
  • Installed by: Bradley Surfacing

Requirements: A messy and muddy lawn urgently needed an upgrade to make it useable again, a place to enjoy and to make the garden look pleasing to the eye once more.

Outcome: Nearlygrass 24 has really brought the garden back to life and rid this homeowner of their muddy nightmare, turning their garden back into a usable space that all can enjoy.

"Thank you for all your hardwork, the garden looks great, I’m just getting used to seeing green again! And no muddy footprints on the carpet" Cara

  • dog3
  • dog2
  • dog1

Nearlygrass great for gardens with dogs

  • Project: Artificial Lawn, Stockport
  • Surface: Nearlygrass 30
  • Installed by: Bowerfold Lawn Care

Requirements: With a big boisterous dog and a new puppy on the way this homeowner needed some advice on their lawn. The exisiting lawn wasn't in great condition and had become quite muddy... Read more here >

  • cheshire 4
  • cheshire 3
  • cheshire 2
  • cheshire 1

Nearlygrass landscaping in Cheshire

  • Project: Garden Landscaping in Cheshire
  • Surface: Nearlygrass 24
  • Installed: Bowerfold Lawn Care

Requirements: A complete refresh was required for a tired old garden. The garden hd become quite dull and uninspiring. It was very cold with lots of brick and patio but nowhere nice to sunbathe.

Outcome: The whole garden recieved a face life along with artificial lawn installed in the middle tier of the garden to provide some colour and a nice place to sunbathe and relax.

"Thank you for turning our garden from a dull boring area into a lovely place for us to relax and enjoy ourselves" Mrs AH

  • school4
  • school3
  • school2
  • school1

Nearlygrass provides primary school with safer play

  • Project: Milverton Primary School in Leamington Spa
  • Surface: Nearlygrass 24
  • Installed by: Michael Parkes from Forever Green

Requirements: The school needed an artificial surface fitting during the summer weeks especially for the reception area so the children had a dedicated... Read more here >

  • diy3
  • diy2
  • diy1

Homeowner DIY's it with Artificial Grass

  • Project: Private garden in Cleckheaton
  • Surface: Nearlygrass 24 Premium
  • Installed by: Family member

Requirements: With a small garden with flower beds and different levels, this Nearlygrass garden was created and installed by a daughter wanting to surprise her mum whilst on holiday.

Outcome: Now this garden can be enjoyed and doesn't require hours of maintenance.

  • roof3
  • roof2
  • roof1

Roof top garden benefits from Nearlygrass

  • Project: Private garden in Preston
  • Surface: Nearlygrass 40 Premium
  • Installed by: Homeowner

Requirements: Rooftop gardens are an ideal place for artificial grass, mainly due to difficulty in access.

Outcome: With Nearlygrass installed the homeowners here no longer have to worry about getting a lawn mower on the roof, and mud traffic is a thing of the past

  • cardiff1

School in Cardiff gets artificial grass

  • Project: Howell's School in Cardiff
  • Surface: Nearlygrass 40
  • Installed by: Beacon of Worcester

Requirements: Originally a natural grass verge, the school found it difficult to maintain and keep looking good so they decided to invest in artificial grass

Outcome: The Nearlygrass area looks great and the school no longer has to worry about feeding or seeding the grass area.

  • london2
  • london1

Artificial grass transforms the London skyline

  • Project: The Building Centre, London
  • Surface: Nearlygrass 30
  • Installed by: Customer

Requirements: To transform a drab and uninspitring London rooftop into a useable and asthetically pleasing space.

Outcome: Nearlygrass was the perfect solution to help transform this drab, boring, unused space into a green oasis to enjoy. The space has already been used to host a drinks reception and will continue to be used more often now that it is habitable and colourful.

  • wildlife2
  • wildlife1

Nearlygrass goes wild at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

  • Project: Play barn, Doncaster
  • Surface: Nearlygrass 30

Requirements: Yorkshire Wildlife Park had a custom built play barn added next to their new baboon reserve, the Park wanted it to be a bit of the outdoors, indoors.

Outcome: Nearlygrass was the perfect solution to create a robust and durable surface which is also astheticaly pleasing and great to play on.

“The Play area in the new Monkey Play House was a bespoke build for us – so that children could climb, jump and swing just like the monkeys that they will be looking at through the giant windows. It is really an outside play area that has been built indoors to give us an all-weather facility so the grass was the finishing touch really, to make an indoor space look like the outdoors! The grass is hardwearing but looks much more attractive than carpet or matting’. YWP Director Cheryl Williams